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TONIGHT Re: reminder Old North wedding FRIDAY the 23rd

Dear All, 

Just a brief reminder that there is a wedding at Old North this evening, I 
believe Laura has got nods from 


Thanks for volunteering! Please let me know asap if there any problems. Of 
course, if you're not on that list then please feel free to come along - 
but beware that this is for a wedding so there will be no 'free' ringing. 
I assume that the service will be at 6:00 as usual, so please arrive early 
so that the bells can be up before the service.

Thanks, Dan

On Sep 19, 2011, at 7:47 PM, Laura Dickerson wrote:

> The people I think are planning to be there are Danielle, Ricky, Emily, 
> Kirby, Rosalie, and Edward.  More people would be welcome, but I think 
> that's OK.
> Laura Dickerson
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