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yes Old North practice, yes picnic on Monday at the Advent

We have decided to have Saturday practice at Old North despite the number of people out of town and the busy weekend. We'll probably end early. I hope we'll have a couple of people for
handling lessons, plus a lot of rounds and hunting on small numbers.
We'll gather at the Brimmer Street entrance for the potluck picnic at the Advent at about 7:15, eating in the garden if the weather is nice, in the parish hall otherwise. This is also open to non-ringing friends and family members and handbell ringers (if you're not having Monday night practice). In other words, it's not just for people who are participating in the 1812. If you want to come but will arrive late, call me on my cell phone or let us know in advance when to check the door. If you are one of the undecided or last-minute people about any of the events, feel free to just turn up. I'd like to have more people at ON on Monday than we currently have, but not at the expense of
service ringing or the 1812.
Sorry for all the emails. I'll try to avoid stuffing your inbox for a couple of weeks until it's time to start arranging carpools to Groton (reminder: July 30th).