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ringing, listening, & eating opportunities June 29-July 4

June 29 Advent practice as usual on Wednesday, including a visitor.
July 3  Service ringing both towers
Pops rehearsal concert for people who have arranged it with me (I have some extra admission stickers if other people are interested).
July 4th noon ringing at Old North
potluck picnic at the Advent, maybe 7:30 or so? We only have 5 yeses and a couple of maybes thus far. We need to decide by Sunday so we can let Terry know, I think. Advent Bells up at about 9 PM, 1812 begins at 9:30 PM, we will be ringing rounds for a few minutes starting 10+ minutes after that.

We have 8 people for the 1812, but more would be welcome, and if there are other people who want to picnic for a little while and then go away to do something else, that would be OK too. I can only count 4 or 5 people who have said that they'll be at Advent service ringing. More would be good.