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Old North & Advent weekend reminders

Practice tomorrow (Saturday the 4th) will start at about 11:45, to accommodate a quarter attempt at 11, and end as usual at 1 PM. On Sunday there is another quarter attempt, so people who are not in that band should not show up for Old North service ringing. Advent service ringing as usual in the morning. Tomorrow evening (Saturday the 4th) will feature a potluck picnic at the Advent beginning at 7 PM. Eating, lounging, singing along with the Pops (not required), then ringing nice rounds during the 1812 at approximately 9:40 PM. The fireworks are scheduled to begin at 10:30 and end at 10:51. I suggest leaving at the end of the fireworks, so we can all have a refreshing night's sleep and be back in the same place 11 hours later, ready for service ringing. If you'd like to come just for the food, or just for the 1812, or some other combination, that's OK. Feel free to call me at the last minute, or just show up.
Laura Dickerson