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Danilov bells in the New Yorker, MIT guild officer results, July surveys

 Instead of sending out lots of emails, here is a single complicated one.

 The 27 April New Yorker had a feature about the Lowell House bells
http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/04/27/090427fa_fact_batuman (registration required to read the whole article)

Ricky has been elected to be the new ringing master at ON, and will carry on as steeplekeeper. We've assured him that we will try to be supportive and that he can delegate responsibilities when needed in order to do both jobs. Otherwise a lot of same old, same old, including leaving me as the contact person on the church's web page. We're seeking someone to direct the tune ringers. I emailed one possible prospect, at James's suggestion. July 4th is on Saturday this year. Ringing at Old North is on the Harborfest schedule at noon on both Saturday and Sunday. Should we try to just have normal practice ringing on the 4th (plus the added garden talk) or try for quarter peals, or what? Any opinions? I am presuming that there will be ringing during the 1812 at the Advent that evening plus food beforehand, but I'm not in
charge of organizing it.

Only a few people have replied to my inquiry about the best date for a Groton meeting. More information, please. (choose a non-4th Saturday in July).

Laura Dickerson