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Elaine is home, fine, more about knee

Hi folks,

     Elaine is home from knee surgery, and having a nap.  Her ACL is
fine, and was not replaced after all.  The surgeon, Dr. Chapman, did
do some repair work on her torn up meniscus.

    No ACL replacement means no brace and no knee-bending machine.
She does have the funny ice water cooler that keeps it cold, that we
put on the floor to drain the warm water out of the pack into the
cooler, then hold in the air to let re-iced water flow into the ice
pack. (It's like the one Dana had for her shoulder.)  We forgot to ask
about PT.

     Dr. Chapman said it would be recovered in about a month, and
perfectly normal in three or four.  With luck she will be walking,
biking, ringing, dancing and possibly even working a little sooner
than previously estimated.