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this weekend (and beyond) at Old North

There will be normal practice on Saturday. Wear layers - it's supposed to be cold again. On Sunday there is a quarter peal attempt, so if you're not in the band, stay home and send warm thoughts to
the people ringing.  (service ringing at the Advent as usual).
We don't often have the band for it, but we spoke last Sunday about going back to the plan to work on striking by ringing more Kent. If you're at a level of hunting and dodging, please look it up (and maintain Reverse Canterbury doubles, which also has some wrong places). In terms of methods we really don't usually have on Saturdays, some of us are thinking about ringing a long touch of Cambridge at the end of practice on the 17th, in solidarity with the people at that other Cambridge, who will be celebrating the 800th anniversary of their university that day.* Cally is also considering organizing some handbell ringing, I think, but it's a holiday weekend and specifically Mystery Hunt weekend, so it's hard to know how many people will be available.
    Happy New Year!

Laura Dickerson

* suggested compositions for 800 changes of Cambridge on various numbers of bells: