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ringing this weekend

A rare weather forecast (as it relates to ringing):
Two big storms are forecasted to hit Boston this weekend, one right
after the other. The first one is tracking south of MA tomorrow
afternoon, with a few hours of really heavy snow (1-2" per hour) in
the afternoon commuting times.   The second one is much bigger and
will hit during the day on Sunday.  It'll probably drop a several
inches of snow then change to rain in the late afternoon, then freeze
Saturday practice and Sunday service ringing will be as normal.  If
you take the T on Sunday, it would be a big help if you could come
We'll attempt the quarters scheduled for Saturday, but rearrange if
some people can't make it in.  Please don't come in if it isn't safe
to do so.
I'll leave the decision for the peal on Sunday with the ringers who
have to drive in the farthest.
Please be safe driving and walking in the snow/ice/rain!

Ringing Master/Weather Weenie