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Preview New Website Design

A new design for the NAGCR's website was "previewed" in Miami on Saturday.  It's meant to both attract positive attention outside the ringing community and to support the information and communication needs of North American ringers in a very flexible, dynamic, practical way.  

An article in the upcoming Clapper attempts to introduce it in print format, but why wait?  If you weren't in Miami, just go to http://numenor.mit.edu/~jsd/nagcr.org/index.html now and try it out for yourself.  (Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome are the best browsers at this stage of development.)  Play with the customizing features, read through the new content, try out the links and the archives, then send any questions or suggestions you may have about the design, the functionality, or the present draft content to me, Dianne Cermak at dspc comcast net.