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october quarter signup - practice on 9/22 - special ceremony ringing.

Hello, all -

I hope everybody had a wonderful summer! I'm glad to be back in Boston, and I hope to see many, many of you at practice and service ringing this year. :) A few things...

A) Next weekend is Yom Kippur, and as a result several people will not be able to make it to Saturday 9/22 practice... so could you please email me by Monday 9/17 - that's this coming Monday - if you expect that you *will* be able to make it to practice on the 22nd? It would be great to have quorum then.

B) There has been a request for some ringing on Friday, October 26th, at 5pm and 6pm, for an event similar to the Lantern Ceremony. If you think you'll be able to make it to this, let me know as soon as possible. (I'll send out a reminder in a few weeks, but the earlier you can let me know if you think you can *probably* make it, the better, so I can let Ed know whether we'll be there in any reasonable numbers.)

C) Finally, I'd like to set up a quarter for October. To maximize flexibility, since it sounds like there's a lot going on that month, let's say that it might be either Saturday during part of practice or Sunday during service ringing. Please let me know which of these possibilities would work for you for a quarter:

Sat 10/6 (Columbus Day weekend)
Sun 10/7 (Columbus Day weekend)
Sat 10/13
Sun 10/14
Sat 10/20
Sun 10/21
Sat 10/27
Sun 10/28

Thanks! (And may you have a good year ahead!)
- Mish Madsen
Old North Tower Captain