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Fwd: 1812 ringing on July 4th

Reminder:  Picnic tomorrow, July 4th, at Advent at 7pm, followed by
ringing for the 1812 Overture (at 9:32, according to our sources).
Other announcements: Surprise Practice on the 5th, Elaine is in charge
PLEASE PLEASE come to service ringing this Sunday- many of our regular
ringers will be out of town!  (Cally is in charge)
Elva Ainsworth is in town for the 4th and 5th!

Happy Fourth of July!

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From: D Morse <dmorsebell gmail com>
Date: Jun 29, 2007 2:39 PM
Subject: 1812 ringing on July 4th
To: bcr <Boston-change-ringers cosmos phy tufts edu>, Elva Ainsworth
<elva ainsworth talentinnovations co uk>

There will be ringing as usual for the Pops concert on July 4th.  A
potluck picnic will start 7 in the Advent garden, ringing will be 9ish
(maybe later?).  Come and celebrate the 4th!

Other announcements:
Next Thursday, 7/5, is a Surprise practice.  Look at Gryffindor as
well as the usual (Cambridge Minor and Major, London Minor).

Many of our regular ringers will be out of town for the next two
Sundays, so PLEASE come to service ringing if you can- particularly
this Sunday!

Tower Captain, Advent