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Harry Potter

Hi everyone!  I've been asked to organize an outing to see the new
Harry Potter movie on Friday, July 13th.   Are people interested in
this?  Please let me know!

- Mira

On 6/11/07, Britt Hartenberger <bhartenb gmail com> wrote:
I think we should definitely plan an outing to the opening night of
the movie, since those are always fun, and I've done that with Cally
and Elaine and others in previous years. Mira, social secretary, will
you be in town then? I know you are going to Ireland, but can't
remember exactly when.

Anyway, I'd definitely come up to Boston to go to opening night with folks 


On 6/2/07, Laura Dickerson <lauradi erols com> wrote:
>    HP & The Order of the Phoenix opens in local theaters on Friday July
> 13th. Possibly there should be an outing to see it together.
>     Amy believes that we should learn to ring one of the related methods.
> Gryffindor looks very Bristolish, if that helps
>    There's at least one surprise practice before the movie (& then the
> book) appear.
> Laura Dickerson
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