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Corpus Christi ringing

We've been asked to ring during the procession for the Corpus Christi
service this Thursday (6/7), because "the more noise, the better."
We're pretty good at that!  Therefore, please try to come to Advent
this Thursday by 7:30pm, we'll ring during the procession, stop during
the final prayers (hopefully Robb, one of the parishoners, can give us
the signal to stop), then have a few more minutes of service ringing
followed by our regular practice.  After the Corpus Christi service
there will be a retirement party for Edith Ho in the Parish Hall, if
you want to make an appearance to wish her well!
The following Thursday, 6/14, will be the surprise practice.  A
suggestion has been made to learn Gryffindor S Major in honor of the
upcoming Harry Potter book and movie.  It's pretty much like Bristol
so those who can ring Bristol or who want a challenge, study up!

6/7 Late start, meet at 7:30, Service ringing/practice
6/14 Surprise practice, learn Gryffindor at your peril/pleasure

Tower Captain, Church of the Advent