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Fwd: MIT Guild of Bellringers AGM- Minutes!

MINUTES.  Recorded by Mira Blumberg

Annual Guild Meeting
MIT Guild of Bellringers
30 April, 2007

In attendance: Amy Moore, Cally Perry, James Whiting, Mira Blumberg,
Elaine Hansen, Xiao Fan, Mish Madsen, Allen Bryan, Eric Brosius,
Natalia Chernenko

I. Finances
Since April 2006
I.Dianne Cermak reimbursed for materials for creating life-sized painting 
Clyde: $28.71
II.Arthur Lewbel reimbursed for renewing the Ringing World subscription: 

        Total Expenses: $169.41
Current Amount in MIT Account: $1462.83

Notes: No weddings in the past year. Last year it was decided to allocate 
next cheque  as a donation to the Ringing World and the window fund at Old

This has not yet been done, since there were no checks, but will be
done with the next check.

II. Electable Offices (current holder)

1.President (Amy Moore)

Reelected, unanimously.

2.Treasurer (Mish Madsen)

Allen Bryan elected,  unanimously.

3.Keeper of Handbells (Chet Ham)

Typo.  Should have said Cally Perry.  Reelected, unanimously.

4.Steeple Keeper (James Whiting)

Reelected, unanimously.  James also appointed Amy as his assistant.

5.Ringing Master (Mish Madsen)

Reelected, unanimously.  Xiao was also nominated, but declined the 

6.Clapper Correspondent (Britt Hartenberger)

Mira Blumberg elected unanimously.  Will not take office until after July 

7.Director of Tune Ringers (Karl)

Amy Moore elected unanimously.

8.Historian (Chet Ham)

Reelected, unanimously.

9.Webmaster (Mira Blumberg)

Reelected, unanimously.

III. Annual Tower Cleanup
        -Volunteer to organize!

Dianne Cermak and Laura Dickerson both nominated.  Vote split 4-4 tie.
Natalia came just as vote was ending and declined to break tie.
Dianne and Laura have been elected co-organizers.

        Last year it was decided that we would send these in as a group in 
(Dianne organizing), with those who miss the deadline sending it in on 

People think this is working well.

V. Other

Amy will make an ad to put on "dome view" this summer.

Mira wrote a paper on Arthur Nichols and will post it on the website.

Mira Claire Blumberg
miracb gmail com
blumberm simmons edu
mirab mit edu

Mira Claire Blumberg
miracb gmail com
blumberm simmons edu
mirab mit edu