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quarters on May 19th?

I enjoy being part of events that involve lots of people. There is a project to put bells into St Magnus Church in London.
I've never been in that church and I'm not a member of any of the sponsoring organizations (although I think "The Worshipful Company of Plumbers" is a wonderful name), but I'd like to participate. On the weekend that includes May 19th, many of the other London churches will be hosting sponsored peals, with the proceeds going towards the fund. I don't think we have a likely peal band around here, but we could still participate from afar by ringing quarters. We've reserved the bells at the Advent for a quarter attempt that afternoon, and the morning is on Mish's list of possible Old North quarter attempts. Two quarters in one day (with practice and lunch in between) would be a good thing. A few other people around here have expressed an interest (either out of solidarity with the cause or to humor me) and it's really time to get bands together. Instead of the usual quarter fee, I'm suggesting $5.00 per rope, more if people want to donate. I'll deal with turning it into pounds and getting it to the right person.
   Please let me know if you're interested (or could be cajoled into it).
Laura Dickerson