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Upcoming special practices

There are three special practices in the next week! 
First, tomorrow (Feb 22) will be a "handling" practice- this is for all levels of experience, not just newer ringers.  We'll have some fun exercises, as well as taping ourselves ringing.  If you have a camera that can take movies, please consider bringing it and a cord to connect to a computer along.
Saturday, Feb 24, Tom Holcombe will be bringing a group of his students up from Kent.  After Old North practice, they'll grab a quick lunch and head to Advent to get a pull (1:45 to 3ish).  Some extra ringers to help out would be very much appreciated- any ringer who is steady in rounds would be great.
Next Thursday, Mar 1, is the monthly Surprise practice.  Methods include Kent (and Oxford?) as well as the usual Cambridge 6, London 6 and  the Standard 8.

Lastly, a reminder that during Lent, the Stations of the Cross occur on Thursdays before practice.  Please enter quietly in the hall and library until the service is finished.

Tower Captain, Advent