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p2p version of BBC show about ringing

BBC4 has a series called "Trophy People" in which they show people gearing up for competitions. I guess you're supposed to root for one particular person or team, and then be happy or sad based on the outcome. Last year's 12 bell striking competition hosted by Worcester Cathedral was given the Trophy People treatment and the show aired recently in England. Graham John posted this to the Ringing-chat list:

The programme can now be found on the Shareaza <http://www.shareaza.com/>
peer to peer file sharing network. The file to search for is called "Trophy
People - Bellringing.mpg" and is 581 megabytes. There is only one source at
the moment so you will need to be patient. Surprisingly there also appear 
be some other smaller files available with the words "Trophy People" and
"Bellringing" in them - but they are not what you want.<<

 I'm feeling spectacularly non-technological at the moment, so I haven't 
tried to download it, but I will sooner or later
and thought that other people might like to see it. (Chet - I don't think 
a public internet computer will allow this).

 If you don't know/don't remember who won, all the details can be found at
or you could wait to watch the show.

Laura Dickerson