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[Boston-Change-Ringers] quarter date, peal possibility, & teacher request

Hello, all -

Pending vicar approval, the tentative quarter date will be FEBRUARY 3RD (that's a Saturday morning - 10am at Old North.) Several of you have told me that you might be available for that date but aren't sure - now is an excellent time to confirm your availability. I will be emailing the band as soon as I hear who's available for that date. Please don't feel obliged to arrive at 10am unless you get another email from me about this.

Also, there has been some interest in ringing a peal (!!) during March if we can get permission and a band for it. If this sounds like something you'd be even remotely interested in, please let me know.

Finally, a request: if you can teach, try to show up for practice as often as possible this month, because we are putting extra effort into finding learners and it's nice for them to have someone from whom to learn when they show up.

- Mish Madsen
Old North Tower Captain