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[boston-change-ringers] please come to ringing this weekend if you can!

Hello, all!

I am pleased to inform you that at Old North this weekend, we will have a 
Globe reporter (Sunday) and photographer (either Saturday or Sunday) to 
on the history of the MIT Guild and its present membership/activities.

Many people will be out of town. If you are free and considering whether 
to come
to ringing - ESPECIALLY if you are an MIT student/alum or have been 
with the Guild for a while and would be willing to talk about its history 
a reporter -  please do!! I would like to show the reporter the best that 
can muster in terms of ringing, and she's very eager to have the student
members of the MIT Guild be photographed for the Globe.

PLEASE email me if you can make it so I can get a general sense of who 
will be
around (and try to postpone her visit if no one will be.)

Thanks, and see you this weekend!