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Advent Ringing Dates

Some upcoming ringing dates at Advent:
This Thursday, 7 Dec is Surprise Practice, methods are London 6, Cambridge 6, Double Norwich 8, and standard 8 surprise major.   Those learning Cambridge- know how every place bell starts, and what to do at a bob (hint- it's similar to Plain Bob)

There will be ringing at Advent on Dec 24, is anyone interested in a quarter?  There is no early service, so an attempt could start at 10:00 and end before the 11:00 service.  The Winter's will be in town, so a good band and conductor might improve chances for getting the quarter.  Email me if interested.  Another possibility is ringing before the 6:30pm service, or the 11pm service. 

There is the usual ringing planned for New Years Eve at midnight.  Details to follow.

Epiphany service is Friday Jan 5th, ringing would start about 8pm.   This is one of the holy days the church has asked us to ring for, please sign up on the board at advent or let me know if you can make it.  We could maybe do something social before or after (king cake, anyone?). 

As of now, all December Thursday practices are on as usual.  If lots of people are out of town over the holidays, I might cancel at a later date.