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Reminder: Melrose 32nd Anniversary Ringing Weekend, January 27-29

Please mark your calendars, and send us a quick response if you are planning to come for our 32nd Anniversary Weekend. We expect to have ringing starting Friday evening around 5:00 or 6:00, depending on responses. We'll continue on Saturday, with a dinner Saturday evening, (probably in the $15 to $20 range), and more on Sunday, until there aren't enough people left. We hope to arrange some 10 bell ringing at Kent, as well, if there is enough interest. The local band has been making great strides over the last couple years, and we hope to be able to ring a broader range of methods at the Anniversary than in past years, so your support is appreciated.

We will have a couple rooms for people who need a place to stay, and there are very comfortable accomodations in nearby hotels or at St. Aidan's across the street.

We have our old website back up again (finally!), so you can find up to date info on the weekend at http://www.melroseringing.org

In any case, please email Beverly Faber or me [do not reply to the list] if you plan to come.

Please pass this along to your local tower and fellow ringers!

Greg Russell
Melrose Tower
Brewster, NY.