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Upcoming practices / service ringing

Hi all!  I hope the end of the semester/beginning of the holiday
season/etc is treating everyone well.  I'm going to be out of town
this Saturday and Sunday (the 17th and 18th) and next Saturday and
Sunday (the 24th and 25th) and I was wondering if anyone would be
willing to look after practice or service ringing for any of those

Also, Christmas is on a Sunday this year and I understand that people
have family things and all that, but if you happen to not have plans,
coming to service ringing (at both Old North and Advent) would be
greatly appreciated!!

Also, if you could let me know if you plan to be at practice on the
24th, that would be good.  I suspect that there will be too few people
planning on coming to make it worth having practice, but it's always
good to check :)


- Mira

Mira Claire Blumberg
miracb gmail com
blumberm simmons edu
mirab mit edu