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Re: Slider on 4 at ON

The slider from the 2 has been moved to the 4, so now there is a slider on the 4
but not the 2.


Quoting James K Whiting <whiting MIT EDU>:
The slider on the 4 broke during practice today (there were no injuries). 
pieces still fit together, so we can trace out the desired curve. There is
almost no chance that someone will bring a slider with them to service ringing tomorrow, so you should expect it to still be broken then. There is a reminder
note on the chalk board and another one attached to the rope.

Did anyone figure out where to get the right type of wood shaped into 
properly? Does anyone feel that they know enough about fixing wood to put this slider back together again? Who made the sliders that are now on the 2 and the
8 (and are they willing to make another one)?


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