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Stuff free to a good home

I have a bunch of things I'm getting rid of, and want to give y'all first dibs on. If none of you want them I'll try giving them away through reuse mit edu, or else give them to a charity that takes such things, or, worst case, send them off to a landfill. This is just the first installment in what may be a multi-step giveaway, as I keep uncovering things! Note that this is an eclectic collection of stuff I'm giving away, including test equipment, stereo components, a fax machine, a computer, furniture, an ice cream maker and books.

- An old HP1720A Osciloscope. In the end I've never used it so I don't know for sure that it works, but presume it probably does. Same applies to the next three pieces of test equipment. All four pieces of test equipment were discarded by an archaeology lab at BU a few years ago.

- HP211B Square Wave Generator.

- HP3570A Network Analyzer.

- Xybion CE500 portable data analyzer; in a substantial (airline-proof) case -- I could imagine someone might be interested in just the case, too.

- A *very old* (1960s, or maybe even 1950s vintage) Webcor portable (well, luggable) reel to reel tape recorder; when last I used it over a decade ago it still worked fine

- Panasonic KX-FP121 plain paper fax machine/answering machine/copier, about 6-7 years old. It works as well as it ever did, but does have two design issues that always annoyed me: (a) the paper feeder is finicky and needs gentle handling to prevent jamming; and (b) the all digital answering machine appears to have skimped on bits or something, and the fidelity of messages isn't as good as one might like. But it works and it's free!

- A Teac five-fold CD changer, about 5-10 years old. Again it works as well as it ever has, but is a little finicky about the CDs it's willing to play. It's black.

- An Onkyo receiver, about 22-25 years old. It has two minor problems, neither of which ever inconvenienced me: (a) thanks to the handiwork of a cat (still alive, though aged now!) the volume knob is slightly bent, and (b) the battery that made the tuner remember its presets is long dead. That is, there's no point setting radio stations to be selected by pushing one button -- it forgets them when you turn it off. Other than that it works fine. It's black. I think it claimed to be 25 Watts per channel, but could be wrong about that.

- a Macintosh Quadra 7200/90 -- it's got OS 8.something on it; there will be a short delay until this is available as there's still some stuff I want to get off of it (well, I've got the bits on a server, but I need database software on the old Mac to interpret and export them to a text file!).

- assorted Macintosh stuff of the previous era -- ADB keyboards, ADB mice, SCSI cables, Macintosh monitor cables, stuff like that

- a pile of Rayovac Renewal rechargeable alkaline batteries of various sizes, along with two different size chargers for them

- about two dozen science fiction novels; these are just random paperback editions, of mostly what I think would be considered "standard authors" -- Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Fritz Lieber, Larry Niven, Ursula K LeGuinn, Jules Verne -- just familiar stuff that any sci fi addict will have already read, nothing rare or obscure.

- about one dozen mystery novels; almost all paperbacks, but maybe one or two hard covers -- mostly familiar authors like Agatha Christie and Ellis Peters, but also one or two I've never heard of and that I don't honestly know why I have!

- about 6-8 books about the British Royal family; mostly coffee table picture book kinds of things, though one or two are actual real biographical books with mostly words and not many pictures (hey, they were my mom's, OK! :-) -- anyone have any ideas of anyone that would like them?

I've also some other books, random fiction, old computer stuff, and assorted coffee table picture booky things. I'm guessing that if I don't want them no one else will either, but if you think you might be interested please let me know.

- a set of three nesting tables, the largest 15 x 24 inches, by 23 inches high. They have some cosmetic issues: they used to be some light colored wood, but my dad covered them with walnut veneer twenty-five years ago. But he never got around to actually finishing them, so the veneer has now got what look like water stains. I believe to make them pretty you'd need to sand and finish them, though I've used them as is for years (anyone that's been to a party here will have used them). Also a little of the veneer is chipping off at this point. There'll be a slight delay until these are actually available -- I'm using them to hold packing supplies while I pack boxes right now!

- a teak wine rack, 24 inches high by 22 inches wide, with a little table top on it

- a Waring electric ice cream maker; it's an upright, primarily pink plastic affair, not the classic wooden bucket sort of thing; it's only been used once, but is about 15-20 years old.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"I can see everything once it's already happened -- I'm very good
at the past. It's the present I can't understand."
                                   -- Nick Hornby, _High Fidelity_