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RW Diaries available via NAG book service

Hi all,

Bruce Butler has announced that the North American Guild Book Service will be offering Ringing World Diaries and calendars for sale again this year. There are also NAGCR polo shirts available in various colors. Ordering information and prices are below.

I'll be ordering a diary and could combine my order with other peoples' - this may save on shipping costs if a bunch of diaries could be sent to one address instead of many. Let me know if you are interested.


* * * *
Once again the Book Service is offering Guild members an opportunity to
purchase Ringing World diaries and calendars.  The order form for diaries 
attached.  Calendars are $12.60 and feature towers of the Chester guild.
I also have a new supply of NAGCR polo shirts in red, black, light blue and
jade with white lettering.  They come in all sizes and cost $25 each.
Additionally, there is a new supply of NAGCR sweatshirts in red, purple and maroon with gold lettering at a cost of $20, again in all sizes. Please contact me for availability.

Cheers, Bruce
<THEBUTLERS aol com>

Ringing World Diary 06

To obtain a 2006 Ringing World Diary please send a check for $13.50 in US
funds payable to NAGCR Book Service to:
    Bruce Butler
    829 North 25th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19130
Special orders: standard with up to 4 initials $22.50, leather diaries 
without initials and $35 with up to 4 initials


Special Orders
Amount Enclosed