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Housewarming Party this Sunday

Mira and I have recently moved into an apartment together:) You are
invited to a housewarming party for our new apartment. It will be on
Sunday, September 11 from 5pm until we get tired. SOs and children are
welcome, but please note that our apartment is not child-proofed.

We will have snacks and will be ordering dinner at dinnertime (pizza,
Chinese, Indian, something like that, so bring a little cash).  If you
feel like bringing food or drink, please do, but don't feel obligated.

We have a small games collection. You can bring more games if you would
like to. We have heard that there is space for square dancing, but our
furniture arrangement may have changed this.

RSVPs are greatly appreciated, but come even if you forget to tell us in
advance. We have already reserved all of our visitor parking passes for
people, so you will have to park somewhere else if you have not heard
from us about parking. RSVP to miracb gmail com or whiting mit edu.

Directions are below.

Our cell phone numbers are:
James - 617-733-3671
Mira - 617-312-0650

James and Mira

We live at 5 Spencer Ave near Porter/Davis. The full address for
internet mapping programs is
5 Spencer Ave, Somerville, MA 02144

Directions from Porter:
Cross the shopping center and walk up one of the streets perpendicular
to Elm (Hancock, Cherry, and Cedar are the easiest ones). Hancock goes
all the way through to Spencer Ave, where you will turn right and walk
almost to the end of the street. Cherry stop at Highland ave, where you
should turn right and walk to Cedar st. Spencer Ave is the next street
after Highland. From Cedar, you will turn left and it is the second on
the right.

Directions from Davis:
Walk down the bike path to Cedar St and turn right. Turn right on
Spencer Ave (1 street before Highland). If you prefer, you can take
Highland Ave to Cedar.

We have not yet determined whether we are actually closer to Davis or
Porter. The walk down the bike path is nicer in good weather.

If you want to drive or bike (and care about one way streets), you will
have to enter Spencer Ave from Hancock street. Hancock is two way
between Highland and Spencer. It is two blocks Davisward of Cedar st.