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MIT Guild freshman coming

I apologize for duplicate emails to those of you who've already received 
but I used the wrong email list so not everyone got the email. I also 
to those who are not affiliated with the MIT Guild; our mailing lists are 
in a
state of flux and this is the only list I've gone through so far that
subscribes the tower ringers and itsn't giving me errors.

However, even if you are unaffiliated, I imagine it would be useful to 
know that
a bunch of MIT freshmen will (hopefully) invade today's (8 September) 
at Avent.

Anyway, in order to comply with MIT and ASA's laws regarding hazing, I'm
required to distribute copies of the Massachusetts anti-hazing laws. Find 
at http://web.mit.edu/asa/www/hazing_law.shtml

Also, it's the beginning of term, and the freshmen are here! We're having
an introductory meeting on 8 September at 6:30pm in 5-231, and it would be
great if we could have a lot of people there to tell them that becoming a
bellringer will make their lives complete. Or, if you just want to 
and teach ringing, that would be fine, too. The plan is to spend about a 
hour talking about the Guild and ringing on handbells, and then take 
people who
are interested over to practice at the Advent. Anyone who wants to stay to 
handbells is welcome to; I reserved the room until 9pm.
There is a set of change-ringing handbells on campus (though they are not 
in the
best of repair). An additional set(s) would be welcome, though not 
Please drop me an email if you can come, so I can get an idea of how many 
will be there.
Thanks so much!