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MIT Guild of Bellringers

Hello everyone,

I know that most of you are not affiliated with this guild or MIT, but I was told that these lists contained most of the people who are.

I'm the new treasurer of the MIT Guild of Bellringers, and I'd like to make a mailing list that defines our members so announcements will not have to be made across many lists. The list for the change ringers will be change-ringers mit edu, and the entire guild will be guild-of-bellringers mit edu. If you are a member of the Guild or think you are, please reply to me with your name and the email address you'd like put on the list, so I can add you for important announcements and meetings. Also, if anyone that you feel this pertains to did not get this message, please forward this message along to him/her.

Thank you,
Kendall Werts

MIT '07

Burton Conner 311A
410 Memorial Dr
Cambridge, MA 02139