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Fwd: [nag-talk] Houston AGM T-shirts

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From: "Scott Stricker" <daegan9 yahoo com>
Date: August 11, 2005 8:39:33 AM EDT
To: nag-talk yahoogroups com
Subject: [nag-talk] Houston AGM T-shirts
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the latest from mission control....


"As with all AGMs, Houston will not turn anyone away who is still
possibly thinking of turning in a registration form... however, the
shirt order is going to be sent in on Tuesday, Aug. 16.

Shirts will not be available on registration forms received after
Aug. 15.

You are welcome to email or call Dawn Uebelhart in Houston if you'd
like to tell her your registration form is on it's way (with a
wonderful excuse about why it wasn't already received... dog ate it,
folded it up and used it to help balance a table, etc.)  and to
inform her of your desire to order an AGM shirt (Polo - $30 and
Tshirt -$12).  Thanks!  (Don't forget to mention the size of the

-Dawn Uebelhart

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