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update of 4th of July picnic

   Dianne will unlock the doors at the Advent at 7 PM.  The first folks
to arrive could help set up buffet tables.  I'd like someone to
volunteer to be in charge of clean-up (everyone should help, but someone
to supervise).  I'm not going to tell people what to bring, other than
to say that stuff like chips and sodas should possibly be left to people
who will be arriving at the very last minute like Amy or coming from far
away like Linda.  It will be hot (although supposedly not as humid as it
has been lately) so stuff like salads, fruit, veggies & dip, ice cream
would all be good choices.  The church is providing lemonade.  The
kitchen will be usable, if people want to make something hot (for
example, corn on the cob has been a treat in the past).
  I'll be at practices etc through Sunday to answer questions and give
Laura Dickerson