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Corpus Christi

As long time folks know we used to ring after mid-week High Masses at the Advent, but for some reason stopped doing so. It would be a good idea for us to start again, though it's not yet clear whether the Rector would prefer we ring before or after.

So while we've been saying "no practice" next Thursday, 26 May, if enough people haven't now made alternate plans it would be good to ring for half an hour if we can. We don't yet know what time. Since I'm leaving tomorrow I've asked Dianne to please coordinate this (I've only just asked her, so I don't know for sure she's willing and able to do so, but I'm reasonably confident she will be). So please let Dianne know if you can, and she'll let everyone know as soon as she knows a time.


Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
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