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The next few weeks

A reminder that there is no practice at Advent the next two Thursdays, 19 and 26 May. There may be a last minute attempt to try to round up some folks to ring for the service on Thursday 26 May, but I've not heard back yet what the Rector's preferences are on that, nor do I know if we have enough folks that haven't made other plans for that to be practical.

I will myself be away the next two Sundays. Britt has kindly agreed to look after service ringing on Sunday 29 May. I've asked (but only just so she's not had a change to reply yet, and may be unavailable) Rachel Saunders to look after Sunday 22 May.

Regarding Sunday, 29 May, this is the Memorial Day weekend and we will be badly shorthanded at both towers owing to so many people traveling. Please come that day if you possibly can. Folks ringing at Advent should try to be there by about 10:15, and those at Old North by 11:55.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
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