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Housewarming Party Jan 8

Please join Cat, James, and Martha for our housewarming party on Saturday
January 8th from 5pm until we kick you out.  We live at 7 Craigie Terrace,
Somerville, upstairs.*  If you need to reach us at the last minute, our 
phone #
is 617-776-5595.

We will have snacks and will be ordering dinner at dinnertime (pizza, 
Indian, something like that, so bring a little cash).  If you feel like
bringing food or drink, please do, but don't feel obligated.

We will have games.  If you feel like bringing more games, please do.

We have two parrots, so if you're allergic, medicate accordingly.

Children are welcome, but please note that our house is far from 
Children left unattended will be retained as slave labor for seven years. 
shipped to Siberia, at our discretion.)

RSVPs would be appreciated, though not required.  Please email if you need
directions (we are not far from Porter Sq T).  

* If you are driving, you should park on Elm St or Somerville Ave and walk
around the corner.  Unless you live in Somerville, in which case you can 
on Craigie Street.  We strong advise against trying to park on Craigie