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Alan Ainsworth's sister June

Many of you know many of the Ainsworths, and will be saddened by this
news from Alan.

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 11:47:13 -0000, J Alan Ainsworth
<jaa ainsworld org uk> wrote:
> Don, 
> You may remember my sister, June, who came with us when I brought a  
> party
> of 20 over to Boston in 2001. Last Saturday on her way to ring at
> Witchampton in Dorset from where she lived in Verwood, a car came round a
> bend out of control on a wet surface and smashed head long into her car, 
> a
> little later another car came round the bend and smashed into the 
> wreckage.
> Unfortunately June died at the scene probably as a result of the first
> crash. She was 74 and learnt to ring just after me at Fenham , Newcastle
> upon Tyne in early 1949. 
> We got the news on Saturday evening on returning from attending Simon's
> wedding to Eleanor Kippin at St Sepulchre's , Holborn.
> It is a great shock but I am glad that only last week I was speaking to 
> June
> on the phone. She leaves four daughters, three of whom learnt to ring at
> Havant in the mid 70s. 

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>