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Re: random request for a concert

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 15:41:26 -0500, Segel, Laura
<lsegel onetooneinteractive com> wrote:
> I'm browsing around on the web looking for a handbell concert, and I 
> found
> your list-serv. Do you guys perform, and if so, where can I find any
> information? Boston.com is totally useless. 

What we do is change ringing, which may be a bit different than what
you are expecting. It doesn't sound anything like a normal Western
music, but is a tradition of ringing church bells that arose in
Rennaisance England, and is practiced primarily in the UK, with just a
smattering elsewhere in former British colonies. I don't think it's
really much of a spectator sport, and doesn't really have any notion
of "concerts." If you'd like to observe ringing some time you'd be
more than welcome at either the Church of the Advent or Old North
Church. The former practices Thursday evenings and the latter Saturday
mornings. Both churches ring for Sunday services.

Change ringing is what actually led to the invention of musical
handbells. They are now used far more widely for the ringing of tunes,
in the handbell choirs with which you are probably familiar. However,
they are still used for change ringing, too, and the MIT Guild
practices change ringing in hand on Monday nights. You would be most
welcome to attend.

The MIT Guild is also associated with a group of folks that does do
the more familiar tune ringing in hand, and it is possible they may
give concerts. And they are likely aware of some other bell choirs in
the area. A good contact for this group is

  John Danaher <jsd mit edu>

who is a subscriber to this list and so will understand the context of
this message if you write to him.

For visiting the Advent the best contact is me, and for Old North is 

  Britt Hartenberger <bhartenb bu edu>

who is the Ringing Master of the MIT Guild, which is in charge of the
ringing at Old North.

I hope that helps!

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>