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Nine Tailors ringer needed Thursday

Long time Advent parishoner Roy Knox has died.  Those of us that have
been around for a long time will all remember him, I believe.  He had
specifically asked that the Nine Tailors be rung at his funeral. The
inspections and clearing away of debris has progressed to a degree
that they are comfortable with do this.

The funeral is Thursday. While the time is not yet certain, it is
probably 1:00. Unfortunately I will be in an airplane at that time and 
so cannot ring. 

Can anyone do this, please? I will gladly go in on Wednesday and raise 
the seven for you to use. You, or someone else will, however, have to
either wait around a little while after the funeral, or come back
later, and drop it again. Roy was 88 years old.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"There are no beginnings, not even to stories. There are only 
places where you make an entrance into someone else's life and 
either stay or turn and go away."
       -- Timothy Findley, who turned and went away 20 June 2002