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Reminder: ringing this Tuesday, August 3

A while back, John Danaher forwarded a message from Old North asking for ringers for a "National Ringing of the Bells" this coming Tuesday. John said he'd send a reminder and more info later. Here it is:

Those who said only if you must, you're off the hook.
Those who said you could: we're counting on you, since we have just enough.
Those who didn't respond yet, you'd be most welcome.

A visiting family, Elizabeth and Stephen Sabine and their children Graham and Helen, are helping make up our numbers for the evening, and we're going to give them a quick grab at Advent at 7.

People who've said they can meet at Advent at 7:
Mira, Oliver, John D., John W., me, and possibly Cally.

We'll ring for half an hour or less--so please be on time--then walk to Old North.

Dianne and possibly Cally will be at Old North by 8 pm, for the requested special occasion ringing. Oliver has kindly agreed to come up with a longish set of call changes to call for the beginning of our Old North ringing.

If you can join us at one or both towers, please do. If you know you can come and let me know in advance, that'd be good to help me plan what we can ring. Thanks!