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Annual meeting minutes

[Apologies one last time to everyone receiving multiples of this message.]

Minutes for the Guild meeting of May 10, 2004:

The constitution is very much out of date. Trying to elect officers based on it is a bad idea. In particular, the description of keeper of the handbells is out of date.

An office for the Director of the tune-ringing group should be added to the Constitution, but not elected at this meeting, as only three handbell tune-ringers are present.

Nominations, after much hand-wringing:

President - Oliver
Ringing Master - Britt
Secretary/treasurer - John Danaher
Keeper of the Handbells - John Wahl
Steeple keeper - James
Historian - Chet
Clapper Correspondent - Nancy
Quarter Peal Secretary - Don
Director (tune-ringers)--Karl (acting)

Slate approved by White Ballot.

John Wahl is informed of combinations to the office where the handbells are kept.

We spent about $200 of our own money, and $1000 Finboard money for Spring. Have another $600ish left coming in the Fall.

Cally: Council for the Arts is helpful for money, and was very helpful back in the day when the handbells were stolen while in Cally's car.

ASA office allocation doesn't really work. The Handbell Ensemble has an office, and we might be able to steal it out from under them since they don't exist anymore.

Vote on sally colors:
red, red, black 8
Red, White, Blue 0
purple, purple, black 3
black, white, red 4
green, green, gold 1

We really do want these fancy tops, that mean we can't use the same supplier as the past. Cally withdraws her suggestion to do so. They won't stretch as much, or go up and down so much with the weather. They have them in Toronto. Laura will send in the order.

We want 3 standard units of extra tail-end for splicing.

Reminded Elaine to submit receipts. If she ever does, we should withhold wedding money until we can pay for it, since it's doubtful MIT will honor a receipt from 1995.

Reminded Laura to give Chet historian's documents.

Discussion: in the future, should elections be run separately for tower bells and change ringers?
James: Yes.
John: What about change-ringers on handbells vs. tower-bells?
General feeling: should elect people separately for clearly one-sided
positions. Should also have money separated, since tower maintenance
funds shouldn't be spent on tune-ringing music.

Membership: There should be one kind of member, and dues should either
be eliminated or collected. Base membership on attendance count, or a
minimal one-time attendance requirement.

We have occasionally donated money to the church. Our broken windows are on their list of panes to replace. We should donate a window in the crypt because it would be fun to visit? We'll donate $100 and see what it gets us (delegated to Laura), and try to go visit the crypt just for fun. Send $25 to the usual publications too? JSD will go find out about how to do donations.

An entire extra set of sliders is probably a little excessive, and will probably rot if we buy them now. 100GBP for whole set of 8, and apparently 60GBP for one. (!) Or we can continue trying to make them locally. Or we can make them with foam cores.

We'll do the summer mailing again. This year Oliver and I will be in the country.

Need to buy real, legitimate copies of handbell music.

Should look into insurance on bells.

Old business (from the 2001 meeting, which was the last one we could find minutes for):

Muffles were very expensive. Motion to go buy cruddy leather and duct tape for emergencies. Laura will determine appropriate thickness of leather.

Random Bob peal board should still be made. Could be hung at Random, and could be hung in Old North to catch peoples' attention. Amali should be asked if she'd be willing to make a sign, if we are willing to pay her. Guild may pay some amount of the cost.