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A New Arrival? More like the gathering of old friends!

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Well folks, I had to let the cat out of the bag!  I'm going to be in Boston from Wednesday 26th May at 13.10 (BA and Logan willing) for some considerable time.  Like as long as the INS will let me stay and the IRS will let me pay them some taxes.
Please be gentle with me, because I haven't rung anything really since the Personal Incident which wrecked my happiness last July.
That is now all behind me, and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all again, knowing what a wonderful bunch of people you are.
I hope to be on the Quebec trip, but administration may scupper that.  I've got so many government departments to visit and sign forms etc etc
I plan to be at practice on Thursday, so make sure you all turn up!! [Unless you've got an excuse like the Central Council meeting :-)]
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