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Forwarded message from Cyncoedbat aol com re: Information please

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

--- Begin Message --- Hi Don

Bob Smith of Melbourne suggested I e-mail you with this query.

We are coming with Bob Smith's group to the US in the Autumn, to New England (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston).  I'm wondering if you can tell me if it is easily possible in the US to take a digital camera memory card (specifically a Sony Memory Stick) into a photo shop and have its contents transferred to a CD within at most 24 hours.  We have this service available in the UK, certainly in larger towns, for a cost approximating to about $8 for 100 images.

We are fairly new to digital photography and on previous holidays have easily used 10 or more 36-exposure films over 2-3 weeks.  That equates to an awful lot of memory!  If we can get the transfers done it will save having to invest too much in new memory cards!

Many thanks indeed for your help.

Bob Hardy
Cardiff, UK

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