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Re: Martyn Harbott

Beverly Faber <BeverlyFaber compuserve com> wrote on 14 March 2004:
 > Many of you may have already heard about the sad news, that Martyn 
 > Harbott
 > passed away last Thursday.  Here is the note I received today from 
 > Margaret
 > Bale, the Tower Secretary at Epsom, St. Martin's, Martyn's local tower. 
 >  I
 > am sending to those E-mail addresses that I knew would want to know, 
 > just
 > in case you hadn't already be told.  Please send this note on to anyone 
 > who
 > knew him that I have not included.  

-------- Forwarded Message -------- 

Subject: Martyn Harbott
Date:    12-Mar-04 at 17:48   
From:    "Margaret Bale", INTERNET:margaret bale virgin net

TO: BeverlyFaber
Dear Beverly

I am writing to you as Secretary of the North American Guild to give you
the sad news that Martyn Harbott died yesterday, 11th March 2004.  Although
he was well looked after in the Star and Garter Home in Richmond, his
health had been deteriorating and last Sunday he developed breathing
difficulties and was taken to hospital.  He lost consciousness on Wednesday
lunch time and died peacefully at 5.30 on Thursday morning.

As a fellow ringer and personal friend of Martyn, I have offered to help
his son, Chris, to deal with the mammoth task of informing all his ringing
friends and contacts of his death.  Could I possibly leave it to you to
pass the news to the relevant people in the U.S, including The Clapper?  I
don't have access to Martyn's address book at present, but if you could let
me know eventually who you have told, I will be able to pick up on any
omissions when I get it.

Martyn started ringing bells in 1943 at the age of 17.  He rang at Egham, 
Staines and Windsor before joining the army in 1945, when he was posted to 
the corps of signals.  He was discharged in 1948 and moved to Ashtead, 
Surrey in 1958.  For many years he was a loyal member of the band at St. 
Martin's, Epsom. Martyn joined the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths in 
1946 and later served as their auditor for around 20 years.  He rang in 
approximately 50 peals and at 1400 towers.

I visited Martyn just a few weeks ago, when he seemed quite happy and in 
reasonable shape (for him!).  We had a joke about him writing his 
autobiography, and he dictated the above information to me then. I didn't 
realise how useful it would be.

With thanks and best wishes,

Margaret Bale
Tower Secretary, St Martin's Epsom.


Don Morrison <dfm mv com>