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re Ringing Questionnaire

Many of you may remember Elva Ainsworth, who lived and rang in Boston
for about 18 months several years ago. She and her brother Mark are
professionally involved in industrial psychology and marketing
statistics. Together with their ex-brother-in-law they are conducting
a little research into the psychological traits of people who ring,
and have an easy to complete survey they've asked folks to fill out.

(In case you're wondering about the other names in the following, Alan 
is Elva's father and Marion her mother -- they've both rung at a
variety of North American towers, too, on several trips over here.
"The Roadshow" refers to an event where a variety of ringing-related
wares and the like are displayed, and is held roughly alternate years, 
always in the UK; the most recent such Roadshow was this past summer.)

J Alan Ainsworth <jaa ainsworld org uk> wrote on 1 March 2004:
 > Ooops! I (Marion) put commas in by mistake - should be
 > www.peopletransform.co.uk/ringing
 > ----- Original Message ----- 
 > From: J Alan Ainsworth 
 > To:Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 11:09 AM
 > Subject: Fw: Reminder re Ringing Questionnaire
 > REMINDER in case you have mislaid or haven't seen the Ringing World:
 > As given in the Ringing World, the address for filling in the
 > ringing questionnaire is www.peopletransform,co,uk/ringing . Up to
 > now more young than older ringers have filled it in, which will
 > make it less useful when Mark comes to analyse the data to try to
 > find interesting relationships, so we should be grateful if all
 > ringers of all ages who have not yet filled in the version from, or
 > after, the Roadshow would do so. It only takes a few minutes, and
 > will show how you compare with the average of ringers who have
 > filled it in so far (eg more sociable? better hearing? worse
 > eyesight? more time spent on ringing?). People find this individual
 > comparison interesting, and in due course Mark should be able to do
 > an interesting analysis on the results for the RW.
 > Any problems or comments, contact  Mark/Elva peopletransform com 

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"Too many people with half a mind to write an introductory programming
text do so."                                             -- David Gries