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Surprise ringers at tomorrow's practice

I don't expect to have a surprise major band tomorrow night (11
December) so instead if you are a suprise ringer please come prepared
to ring the "Cambridge 6." These are the six "regular" surprise minor
methods that are Cambridge above and entirely right places. They are


  Primrose, which is Cambridge with plain hunt lead end

  Ipswich, whose structure differs from Cambridge only
           in the half-lead being a hunt instead of
           5ths place being made; most people will,
           however, benefit greatly from studying the
           line a little, too! Note particularly 5ths
           place bell, which is a common source of trips

  Norfolk, which is Ipswich with a plain hunt lead end

  Bourne, which has a new front work that we've not
          rung before, but which is fairly straightforward;
          the 4th place bell never leaves 3-4, the 2nds and
          6ths place bells mostly do a quintuple dodge
          on the front, and the other two bells when they're
          not above the treble are just making 3rds and going
          back up to be above the treble again

  Hull, which is Bourne with a plain hunt lead end

One thing a little trickier about these than most of the other
surprise minor we've rung is that they contain a wider variety of lead 
end orders. On the other hand, the methods are all entirely right
place and made up almost entirely of familiar bits. The effort with
these methods tends to be (a) remembering which name goes with which
method, (b) which bits go together with which bits, and (c) what the
place bell order is.

Possibly the most popular extent of spliced surprise minor combines
these six methods. Once you get the hang of the methods they're not
particularly difficult, the extent is a lot of fun, and a third of it
makes a fine shorter touch.

Please try to keep this swotted up in future, too. We'll try to work
on these for the next couple of months as time and personnel allow.

If you don't have ready access to the blue lines for these elsewhere,
here are some URLs that will take you to relevant pages:


Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." -- Richard Feynman