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Re: Hingham Area meeting

Lynn Kodrich wrote:

> The Hingham Area meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, Sep. 20.  There 
> is
> a wedding at 3:30pm, so we have been offered the 1-3pm time slot to ring.
> This creates sometihing of a time conflict with ON practice.
> So,
> (1) Please let me know if you plan to attend.
> (2) Please also let me know if I should try to get a time slot for 
> ringing
> after the wedding instead of before.

    There was a similar situation at the time of the June meeting.  What 
we did
was leave Old North immediately after practice and ring just for the hour 
PM.  If the  Hingham  ringers (hi, John!) felt shortchanged by this, they 
too polite to say so.  If people want to do it this way again, I could 
from Boston.  I don't think after the wedding would work for me.

Laura Dickerson