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Change of BAPC list policy: postings from nonmembers will be rejected

Please read this message if you think you might ever post messages to
bapc-late to announce late talks or cancellations or changes.

Since I established this list, the policy has been this: If you posted
from an email address not subscribed to the list, your message got sent
to me for moderation.  You got a message saying "awaiting moderator
approval", and then I would see that the message was legitimate and
approve it.

Now I am beset with spam postings to this list (tens per day) and I'm
tired of rejecting them.  So I have changed the policy to reject instead
of moderating any messages from nonmembers.  Thus if you post from an
email address different from the one at which you are subscribed, your
message will now be rejected.  You'll get email telling you that it was
rejected, I will not know about it, and you will have to post from the
address at which you're subscribed.

I have a list of nonmember addresses exempt from this policy.  If you
have an address you would like to have on this list, send it to me and
I'll add it.

This does not affect on-time postings sent to bapc-events.  Anyone can
send those.

Let me also remind posters that you should send only the basic data
about the talk: no abstracts, flyers, videos, etc.  Links to these
things on the web are fine.