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Documentary Viewing and "Rencontre" with Roy Glauber at MIT TODAY at 4:00 p.m.

“Rencontre” with Roy Glauber

4 June 2015, 4 p.m.

M.I.T., Laboratory for Nuclear Science

Kolker Room, Building 26-414


Those of us who have had the good fortune to be friends with Roy Glauber have known of his participation at a very young age in the most crucial phase of the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos. His original recollections are truly fascinating and we take advantage of the opportunity of the completion of the documentary “That's the story" by María T. Soto-Sanfiel and José I. Latorre, to invite Roy to be with us on June 4 to speak about his Los Alamos experience following a 10 minute preview of the documentary. For those interested in seeing the full documentary this will be shown at the end of Roy’s remarks and of his replies to questions from the audience.


You will be guests of LNS for coffee, tea and a light snack.


Aron Bernstein, Bruno Coppi and Alan Guth


Documentary Synopsis: Nobel laureate Prof. Roy J. Glauber was an active participant in the Theory Division of the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos. His clear, fluent and articulate narration brings first hand information on the life at Los Alamos, the main scientific characters there, the Trinity test of the first ever nuclear weapon, the bombing of Japan and the political aftermath of the project. Glauber's account is documented with audiovisual material from the Los Alamos Historical Archive. Director: María T. Soto-Sanfiel, Producer: José I. Latorre .