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Gerald S. Guralnik Symposium

Gerald S. Guralnik Symposium
​Brown University Physics Department​
April 10, 2014
​Barus & Holley 190
84 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02912

The Value of Just Imagining

9:30-10:00 Coffee and muffins
Barus & Holley Lobby

10:00-10:10 James Valles
Introductory remarks
Chair, Brown Physics Department

10:10-10:15 Vicki Colvin
​: ​
Welcome remarks
Provost, Brown University

10:15-10:45 Antal Jevicki
​: Looking Back and Forward
Brown University

10:50-11:20 Greg Landsberg
​: ​
Proving Gerry Right: Experimental Quest
Brown University for the Higgs Boson

11:25-11:55 Thomas Kibble
​: ​
Spontaneous symmetry breaking in
Imperial College fundamental particle physics,
cosmology and condensed matter

12:00-12:30 Carl Hagen
​: ​
Arbitrary Spin Galilean Oscillator
University of Rochester

2:00-2:30 Roman Jackiw
​: ​
A New Setting for Spontaneous Symmetry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Breaking

2:35–3:05 Carl Bender
​: ​
PT symmetry and the taming of instabilities
Washington University

3:10–3:40 Rajan Gupta
​: ​
Exploring novel physics at the TeV scale
Los Alamos National Lab through lattice QCD simulations of nucleon

3:45-4:00 Break
Refreshments in lobby

4:05-4:35 Neal Snyderman
​:  ​
Statistical Theory of Fission Chains
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

4:40-5:10 Zachary Guralnik
​:  ​
Toy models in chaos theory
Leidos, Inc.