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Upcoming Event "100th Anniversary of General Relativity"

Please join us for the upcoming session of the 55th Annual Program of the Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science: 

100th Anniversary of General Relativity

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Einstein Studies

Friday, March 27th, 2015

The Castle

225 Bay State Rd.

9:30am – 12:30pm

“No Success Like Failure...” Einstein's Quest for General Relativity 1907-1920

            Michel Janssen History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, University of Minnesota

Background Independence: The Hole Story

            John Stachel Center for Einstein Studies, Boston University

Powers of One: Einstein and Unimodular Invariance

            Kaća Bradonjić Physics, Wellesley College

2pm – 5pm

Einstein, Hilbert, and the Search for Generally Covariant Field Equations

            Katherine Brading Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

The Einstein Challenge for Differential Geometry: The Case of Weyl and Cartan

            Erhard Scholz Mathematics & Natural Sciences, University of Wuppertal

Einstein and the Development of 20th Century Philosophy of Science

            Don Howard Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

For more information and updates please visit us online at  http://www.bu.edu/cphs/

Elizabeth Ramirez
Administrative Assistant
Center for Philosophy and History of Science
Boston University
745 Commonwealth Ave, Rm 506
Boston, MA 02215