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FW: late announcement

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Theoretical Seminar:  BH 555  2:30

Department of Physics

Brown University
 Sera Cremonini (Cambridge/Texas A&M)

"Intermediate Scalings in Holographic RG Flows and Conductivities"

I will discuss zero temperature geometries which interpolate between two AdS4 fixed points and exhibit an intermediate regime of hyperscaling violation, with or without Lifshitz scaling.
Such RG flows can be realized in gravitational models containing a dilatonic
scalar and a massive vector field with appropriate choices of the scalar potential and couplings.
The infrared AdS4 fixed point describes a new ground state for strongly coupled quantum systems
realizing such scalings, thus avoiding
the well-known extensive zero temperature entropy associated with AdS2 x R2.
I will also discuss the zero temperature behavior of the optical conductivity in these backgrounds and identify two scaling regimes before the UV CFT scaling is reached.
The scaling of the conductivity is controlled by the emergent IR conformal symmetry at very low frequencies, and by the intermediate scaling regime at higher frequencies.