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Late Notice

4:00 pm
Thursday, January 19, 2012
Tufts University
Science and Technology Center 
Conference Room, Astrophysics Wing
4 Colby St., Medford Campus
"Measurement of the Axial Mass Parameter Using Multiple
Quasi-Elastic Dominated Subsamples in the MINOS Near Detector"
Dr. Nathan Mayer
Tufts University, High Energy Physics Group
Abstract: The Q^2 dependence in neutrino charged current quasi-elastic 
scattering (CCQE) probes the vector and axial-vector structure of the 
nucleon/nuclear target.  An analysis is presented that improves upon a 
previous MINOS study.  The analysis uses an additional CCQE dominated 
sub-sample from a different kinematic region to reduce correlations 
between fit parameters.  A new value for the axial-vector mass for 
neutrino scattering in iron is reported
Coffee and cookies served at 3:30 pm